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Have you ever used Prezi?

If not, you're probably still using power points and you have no idea just how stellar Prezi is!

First, check out www.prezi.com. Get registered! Register for either the free version or, if you're allowed, the edu enjoy account.

You'll have a project due the first six weeks using Prezi, so play around with it right now. You can watch some prezis that are done by others and figure out how to do it. In fact, here's the project information that you need to begin your project:


You'll create a prezi on who you are.
  • the prezi will take no more than 2 minutes to run.

  • the prezi will have information on the following subjects: What you want to be when you grow up, your family, the best thing about your summer, something you know that other people don't know, something you're good at, and something about you no one else knows.

  • the prezi will have the following information: Your name, your favorite color, favorite food, favorite movie

  • the prezi will have graphics for each of the above subjects and information. Get creative!

  • You may use youtube, but don't forget your 2 minute limit

Be sure you have all of these elements. You get nine points for each of these items being included in your prezi.You get a point for having graphics for each item as well. You're not limited on the number of photos/images/graphics, only on time. Good luck and have fun!

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