Ms. D's Notes:

I am not just an English teacher anymore than you guys are just English students.

I have a great daughter who goes to New Diana. She plays percussion, piano, and a little guitar. She loves science stuff.
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We have two dogs. They are rat terriersand are named Beatrice and Telulah Bell. We have two cats.

One is a tuxedo catnamed Lucy and the other is a yellow tabby named Tigro.
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We went to Galveston this summer. I love the beach! I like camping, canoeing, dancing, and movies.

Don't be afraid of change this year. I know you're now in high school and are very excited to finally be high schoolers. I'm excited for you! I'm sure you've been told high school is different than middle school. It is. You've probably even been told that Global is different than the regular high school. It is. But all of these changes and differences are good things! I think adjusting to change is not only one of the toughest things for people to do, but also one of the most necessary skills we have to learn. Just don't be afraid.
I think as long as you make a decision that THIS YEAR, you want to grow, learn new things, new skills, that THIS YEAR you want to be on top of your game, we have a good chance of having a good year. As long as you want to be on top of your game and are truly committed to this, not only will it be a good year, but it will be a fun year too. Make the decision to get rid of all obstacles to your success. If that's your attitude, lose it. If it's your friend's attitude, help change it. If it's something you believe about yourself, forget it. Whatever it is, this year, your job will be to find a way around it so that you can succeed! I'm very excited about helping you do this! So if you need something, ask. If you don't know what you need, ask. If you think you almost have it, ask! :)

Ms. D