Global Freshmen Supply List

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Required Items
3 composition books (English, Geography, & Technology)
1 quad-ruled (graph style) composition book for Engineering
2 packages of colored pencils for Geography and Biology
1 70-page spiral notebook for Geography
2 (1 ½ inch) 3-ring binder for Biology and Algebra
3 packages of notebook dividers
1 box of 24 Crayons for English
3-6 glue sticks (English & Biology)
1 small bottle of Elmer’s glue (Geography)
1 box #2 pencils
1 plastic flexible ruler (Geography)
1 plastic folder with brads and pockets (English)
2 highlighters (at least one yellow)
1 flash drive (will be used in all courses)
1 pkg. white construction paper 12 x 18 (Biology)
2 pkg. colored construction paper (English & Biology)
Blue or black ink pens and 1 red pen
Notebook paper
Back pack (there are no lockers at the high school)

Optional items

We are starting a student supply bank where a student may “deposit” extra school supply items to be checked out as needed.

Blue or Black pens

#2 pencils

Glue sticks

Hand sanitizer

Paper towels

Copy paper

1 small hand held pencil sharpener

2-3 mechanical pencils

1 mini stapler

Suggested items

Schools everywhere are faced with severe budget cutbacks. If you are able to help out with general daily supplies we would be very appreciative.

2-3 boxes of Kleenex tissue (to be used in the classroom)

1 3-pack of paper towels (class room use)

Extra pens or pencils

White glue and glue sticks