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Why do John & Lorraine claim to be Pignati’s children? In what ways do they think of Pignati as a parent?

Is Lorraine accurate in blaming John? Does Lorraine seem to forgive him? Why?

Why do they have dinner at Pignati’s house? What emotions do they feel?

Do these events bring them closer together or pull them apart? How?


What foreshadowing omen does Lorraine experience in this chapter?

Why do you think Lorraine is so quick to notice these omens?

Why do you think John invites friends over?


Why do you think Lorraine and John hang out with Norton?
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Every major character lies to another in this story. What causes this? Why do they all lie so much?external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTtpWmVEMSRbeNJTWVjqB96COUHY4p7zq3Z5LRTN0EtQoarF2F_nLyuqmX2

Can lying serve as a form of self-protection? If so, is it always wrong? Is honest communication even possible?

Does John lie to himself? How? Does he do it to some how protect himself? Explain.

John and Lorraine’s habit of lying is not surprising when you think about their parents. Do you agree?

Why does John allow people to party at Pignati’s house?
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John tells Lorraine that his father said he will have to see a psychiatrist. They agree that John’s father will forget about it in a day or two. What does this say about how they feel about John’s parents?

How is Pignati different in this chapter? Why?

How does Bobo’s death contribute to Pignati’s weakness?

Would Pignati have been better off with out Bobo?


The story gives us two versions of what happened. Which version do you think is more truthful, Lorraine or John’s?

Do you agree with John’s analysis of Lorraine and her omens? He says she is a liar like he is. Why does he really say this?

How would Mr. Pignati sound if he told the whole story? What would he see differently?

Having two narratives give us a better understanding of what happens. Is this true? Why or why not?

Lorraine distorts as much as John, she just doesn’t realize it. Is this true? Why or why not?