Remember, you don't have to answer all of the questions per chapter. Refer to your summer reading hand out for the number of questions you must answer or answers you must comment upon; email me if you are not sure. Most of the questions are easy, so answering them all would be a piece of cake.

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Describe John. Who do you think would play John in a movie? Why? Answer this on the discussion tab above.

John is the type of person that like's to drink and smoke away all the hurt and pain just for it to clam him down,john also
loves to play alot and sometimes play with thei minds.And i think Leanardo Dicaprio would best play john because they both
enjoy doing the same things as in smoking and driking.


What do you have in common with John? With Lorraine? How are you different from them? How does your family compare with theirs?
Me and john only has one thing in common and that is the playing around part and thats about it. Lorraine and me has nothing in common
because she is just low down dirty the way she did the prank call with that man that made a donitaion to them. just a little bit because my brother
loves to make prank calls.

Why does John exaggerate and often lie? Because his head is used to doing all that lying then on top of all
that he gets away with it becaues of his good looks and everybody falls for it.

What is the difference between John and Lorraine? The difference between John and Lorraine is that John likes to smoke and drink
and play with people minds,and Lorraine just don't like to none of that but she loves to play pranks on people.

Is John a lunatic? Why or why not? Yes,John is a crazy lunatic,becaues all he know and do is lie,lie,lie an he plays actually to much,then out of no were he starts laughing like some stupid person..
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What do you think of Dennis and Norton? They are the type of kids that like to do stupid stuff like prank call people then
ask them very ,very stupid qustions ..... they really need to grow up like big time

Why does Lorraine feel guilty about Mr. Pignati? In your opinion, after reading chapter 3, did they murder him? She feels bad because as soon she talks to him his she knows that his voice sounds like he is lonely then thats when she changes her mind that she did not want his money anymore.No they did not murder Mr. pignati.


Describe Dennis and Norton.Dennis has eyes like a very,very mean rat,then he thinks everybody is throwing rusty old beer cans at him. Dennis has a very bad problem because he like to do stupid and dumb things.

What do you know about Mr. Pignati? What can you guess? Mr.Pignati is a lonely old widow man and plus he has never had a family and on top his wife passed away not to long ago.

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Why does Pignati lie about his wife? Do you think Mr. Pignati can’t face her death or is it to avoid John & Lorraine’s sympathy?
He doesnt want John or Lorraine to know about what really happend to his wife, He Was trying to avoid their sympathy because he did not won't them feeling sorry for him.


Why does John hide the errand to Pignati’s house from Norton?
because if norton found out about the fund he would try to hustle for more than 10 dollars from the poor old man.lorraine did not even want to take the money because the way he sounded.

Why does John fear Mr. Pignati at first?
John fears Pignati because he was so welcoming and nice and he isn't sure if he is crazy or what so he is very suspicous of him thats why people treat him like that because some people was scared of him..

Why does Pignati trust John & Lorraine?
Because he thinks they are from a real charrity i said to myself he actually belive them.

Why are the pigs so special?
The pigs are special because he thinks of his wife everytime he see the the pigs.
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